No Win No Fee

“No Win No Fee” agreements or Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA’s) remove the financial pressure and worry traditionally associated with raising claims for personal injury. Easing this pressure allows you to focus on your family and loved ones while you recover from your injuries.

What Exactly is No Win No Fee Compensation and is there a Catch?

No Win No Fee agreements are exactly that – you only pay towards your costs should your claim be successful. In the unlikely case that your claim is not successful then you will not have to pay anything towards your fees. This removes the financial burden from you and really lets you focus on getting the most out of your claim as well as keeping your mind at ease. When your case succeeds all you need to pay is a market leading success fee which will be capped at the agreed rate prior to your case being accepted. We pride ourselves on our transparency and there will never be any nasty surprises in terms of cost. All other costs associated with your claim such as reports, treatment and medication etc. are claimed directly from the third party or their insurer. These agreements are relatively new in Scotland, however, due to their popularity they have become more widespread due to thier ability to allow you intimate claims risk free. Your claim will be assessed by a specialist who will advise you if a No Win No Fee Agreement is available to you.

Can No Win No Fee Agreements be Used For Any Type of Claim?

Our No Win No Fee agreements are used across all of our specialties and can be used for claims relating to road traffic accidents; medical negligence claims; industrial illness; criminal injuries compensation; workplace injuries; slips, trips and falls as well as many other types of claim. Contact us and we will arrange a free assessment and answer any of your questions. We are friendly and approachable. Your call is completely confidential and we will never share your details with third parties. We are here for You.

Using a No Win No Fee Agreement

When you contact us a representative will look at your claim and take brief details. This will then be forwarded on for further consideration by an solicitor expert who will be able to handle your claim. They will consider whether there is a prospect of success and issue paperwork to be signed and dated by you. The No Win No Fee agreement or Conditional Fee Agreement will then effectively become the terms and conditions of your contract with us or one of our panel firms of solicitors and will govern the agreement between us. The solicitor or advisor dealing with your case will then investigate the circumstances and liability.

Your claim will be intimated against the person who is potentially responsible and a dialogue will be entered in to regarding whether they are responsible. If liability is accepted then you will be referred to an appropriate medical expert who can carry out an examination of your injuries and provide an opinion on the seriousness of your injuries as well as the likely recovery period. Generally the more serious the injury and longer the recover, the greater the compensation. The majority of cases are usually settled during this initial stage without the need for any claim to lodged at a Court. If court action is necessary then the claim will be handled by a solicitor who will ensure that the proper time limits are adhered to and that you claim is set out in full. Court actions are expensive and No Win No Fee agreements prove to be an invaluable tool as without them many people could simply not afford to claim.

Why Should I Choose Claim Solutions Scotland Ltd for My No Win No Fee Claim

Claim Solutions Scotland Ltd are based in Glasgow and operate across Scotland. Many “national” claims management businesses operate across the whole of the UK and do no offer the same local and specialist service available from a company that operates in Scotland. We are available to you regardless of where in Scotland
you reside and provide a direct contact available to you at every step of the process.

We also have case studies for you to look at if you want to carry out further diligence. We are confident that we can do the job for you.We offer completely confidentiality and pride our-selves on our transparency and ability to put our clients first. We have built up an enviable reputation for dealing with enquiries swiftly and professionally as well as being approachable and friendly. Contact us now to discuss your no win no fee claim. No Win No Fee agreements provide comfort and security during a difficulty process. One of the most deciding factors is cost and No Win No Fee agreements completely remove that element allowing you to get things going. If you would like to know more or have any further questions then contact us for a friendly chat on 0141 319 8249 or click contact us now.