How Claim Solutions Scotland Can Help you

We help around 5,000 people each year with their personal injury claims, and we might be able to help you too. 

We believe that everyone is entitled to fair access to justice. But if done wrong, filing a personal injury claim can cost you money, time and peace of mind. We can introduce you to a specialist law firm who will help you maximise your payment for your pain and suffering, and compensate you for your loss of income or money.

Where we offer No Win No Fee services, claimants typically pay 20% of the amount recovered to our solicitors, although this will be subject to your individual circumstances and the actual fee may be less than this, but it will never be more. Any solicitor we refer you to is an independent professional from whom you will receive impartial and confidential advice. You are free to choose another solicitor.


Pauline Douglas – April 2020

I would like to thank the whole team for their help … it seemed that I was in a dark place. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. It just went on. I did not know help was there, but it was. As I said there’s help there. Worth it for sure … thank you again.


Gill Hepburn – March 2020

Claim solutions Scotland are an excellent service they have helped both myself and my brother. They are very hands on and thorough. Staff are very helpful and always on hand with any questions I had.


mark kemp – March 2020

Couldn’t have been easier or more pleasant from start to finish. Everything dealt with over the phone direct with john. Talked me through everything step by step. Definitely recommend Claims Solutions Scotland And if I’m ever in need of help again they will be the first company i call or recommend to my family/friends to call.


Courtney Moffat – March 2020

Brilliant service, start to finish.

From the start William getting all of the details of the crash and all information was given to me accurately on how to proceed with my claim. Craig then took over and kept me updated every step of the way!


Keith Suttie – Jan 2019

After been in a car accident I contacted John Pearson from Claim Solutions Scotland. I would like to thank him so much with the help I received from Jim. Very professional and understanding young man delighted at the compensation both me and my nephew received would definitely recommend claims solution Scotland outstanding service


Peter Kilpatrick – Jan 2019

Used Claim Solutions Scotland for a recent accident I had my car and I would highly recommend. They were helpful and supportive throughout the process which made things feel straightforward, I was actually quite surprised how quick and easy it was!

Disclaimer: Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.


Young Boy Hit By a Car

£12,500 WON In Compensation

Charlene successfully claimed £12,500 after a car hit her son while driving through a busy new housing development. Her son was playing by the house, and the insurer initially suggested he was on the road and it was his fault. Thankfully Sean was not seriously injured, and witness evidence was able to show the driver was reckless and driving excessively.

Accident in a Work Van

£6,000 Won In Compensation

Ciaron recently received £6000 following an accident in a works van. This was a tricky claim. The other driver’s registration was private, and by the time he made a claim, the other driver had changed it over to another one. Investigations identified that the other car belonged to a company, and instead of using the car insurer, the claim was made to their head office instead. 

Driver's Details Missing

£5,000 WON In Compensation

Kensley contacted us after an accident on a main road. She was curious about how the claims process worked. She didn’t think she, or her passengers, would get compensation because no one took down the other driver’s details. Our solicitors were able to track down the driver who ultimately admitted liability, and she obtained over £5,000 in compensation.

Passenger Compensated

£4,000 Won In Compensation

Alexander was a passenger in his friend’s car. The car flipped over after colliding into a reservation. They had to be cut from the vehicle and taken to hospital. Alexander wasn’t expecting to receive compensation. It transpired that his friend was uninsured; however, our solicitors were able to access a road traffic compensation scheme and obtained over £4,000 in compensation

Passenger Compensated

Substantial Compensation

Scott crossed over a junction without checking it was safe and hit the side of a vehicle passing on the main road. Scott’s partner was the front seat passenger along with their son, who was in the back. Scott’s partner was able to claim for herself and her son and recovered substantial compensation. They were unaware that passengers within an at-fault vehicle could claim.

Driver Compensated

substantial compensation

Erio contacted us after an accident at cross-roads. He wasn’t sure how much of the accident was his fault. He hadn’t been driving in the UK for long. Our solicitors were able to use a damage report to show that fault was firmly the other drivers. He received substantial compensation for himself and a family member.

Disclaimer: Every case is different, and each client’s case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.